10 Actresses Who Identify as Lesbian and Are Married to Men

Everyone has the right to live their lives as they see fit, and sexuality is a very personal aspect of that. The complexities of sexual orientation are nothing new in Hollywood, and many actors and actresses have come out as members of the LGBTQ+ community. While some of them chose to remain with their heterosexual partners, others chose to marry partners of the same gender. We’ll talk about ten actors and actresses who identify as lesbians but are still married to men in this blog post.

1. Cynthia Nixon

Source: Google

Cynthia Nixon is best known for her role in the popular TV series, Sex and the City. She has been in a relationship with Christine Marinoni since 2004 and they tied the knot in 2012. However, before that, Nixon was married to Danny Mozes, a schoolteacher, for 15 years. Together, they have two children.

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